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This signature program, and the most popular, is a complete life transformation and balance program at Blissful Heights. This is an in-depth & individualized total health and wellness program which helps you look at all parts of your life and transforms your body, mind, and spirit to the highest potential of healing and health.

Do you feel lost at times?  Not sure of your true purpose?  Disconnected with yourself and those around you? Continue to feel tired, exhausted, sick often?

I would imagine if you have found my website after searching for these answers then you may have a change to make a difference in your life.  You can change your relationship and feelings about yourself and those close to you.  Growing, learning and healing towards a happier, healthier, balanced life with purpose!

If you have tried traditional therapy and feel like you may need deeper focus, the Life Balance Program may be the right fit for you!

About Our Leather
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  • Tiredness or Exhaustion?

  • Chronic Pain & Inflammation?

  • Sleep Issues - Insomnia?

  • Relationship issues?

  • Early Onset Disease, in a Disease Process?

  • Depression - Anxiety?

  • Trauma, Emotional Imbalance or PTSD?

  • Immunity or Disease Prevention?

Begin your healing today to get to your happier - healthier and overall balanced life!


  • Phone Consultation or initial appointment in person or on zoom

  • Custom written plan with detailed instruction 

  • Counseling, yoga therapy, guided meditation, supplements, vitamins, clinical herbal medicine, healing tea, bath salts and body oils for your specific needs.

  • Supportive therapies

  • Provide you with vitamins, herbs and supplements that will compliment your signature program!

*Counseling for Emotional Healing

*Hands-On Healing Therapies

*Energy Medicine & Healing Touch

*Herbal Medicine

*Blissful Healing Box - Healing Products to Use at Home

*Mindful Meditation - Guided Imagery

*Ayurveda, Acupressure, Herbal Cupping

*Complete Nutrition - Menus, Vitamins, Supplements & Herbs

*Yoga Therapy

*Emotional Release Yoga Therapy

*Healthy Lifestyle Change with Teachings & Implementation

*Detox Therapies - Lab Work Reviews to Determine Preventative Treatment

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