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  • Individual recommendations for a regimen of nutritional supplements that will guide you to a happier, healthier, balanced life.

  • Herbal Medicine is vital for keeping the body free of impurities and the mind clear of toxins. Practicing herbal therapies often and coordinating them into your routine will increase awareness and help you to be more in tune with your body, mind, and overall wellness.

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About Our Leather
Fruits and Vegetables


Custom diet planning based on individual health and wellness goals; ultimately keeping in mind your overall healthy life balance.

Healing Massage

Offering all organic, whole body release therapy.

- All organic, healing & anti-aging facial

- Massage therapy, full body therapies for release, relaxation, and healing.

- Add on: organic healing oils, for body and head (Shiro Dhara & Abhyanga)


Organic Facial

2 practitioners will synchronously apply oil to your body to allow the nervous system to relax. This deeply relaxing and rejuvenating therapy allows healing physically, leaving the joints nourished and skin soft, as well as emotionally by calming the entire mind and body and allowing you to feel deeply rejuvenated.


Full body massage

One of the most peaceful, relaxing, and beautiful Ayurvedic therapies. The copper shiro dhara vessel dispenses warmed oil across your forehead allowing the entire mind and body to relax.


Add on healing oils

Subset of Ayurveda. Marma are where the energetic body and physical body meet. Referred to as one's internal pharmacy, incorporating knowledge of these points of the body promotes spontaneous healing of the body. 

Visit our Counseling Options

Emotional mental wellness focuses on the entire individual being.



During this session, you will be given a journaling and art journaling book and will be given guidance on how to incorporate this at home in your healing journey.


Instructions on how to use meditation as a therapy for many wellness issues.​

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